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I learned personally during the climate crisis that institutions and their leaders who have enormous decision-making power are not reaching out to the right resources to provide an effective solution to climate and energy problems. We have known for a long time that it is the bad energy used that creates climatic disturbances. Indeed while these problems began to be threatening. An interesting article which makes it possible to desalinate sea water without pollution, without energy. See: Journal of chemistry and chemical engineering www.davidpublishing.com volume 7 number 9 September 2013. The article entitled New Method for desalination of seawater was quickly picked up by the Academia.edu network. The biggest advantage of this technology is: in addition to water and potassium it provides a considerable amount of clean and renewable energy (more than 700,000 calories per liter of desalinated seawater) which can be converted into electricity via steam turbines. If we had applied it for these 10 years, we would no longer need oil and the world would stop dumping CO2 into the atmosphere. And yet we still promote membranes to desalinate seawater. A polluting, energy-intensive technique.

I also have another motivational motor rehabilitation project (Wankel) hydrogen fuel a more efficient motor than the electric motor that does not need heavy batteries (I have built 2 prototypes, I am looking of partners to commercialize this research. Therefore any form of help that I have never had would be welcomed.

Thank you for reading my message!

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